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A-Bril has a long history with music. His journey started when he was enrolled in solfeggio lessons by his mother, where he learnt how to read music at a very young age. 

He moved to London in 2014 and only after a year-long journey through London’s underground music scene, he discovered his true musical passion. 

Two years later, in 2016, he had the opportunity to play most weekends and learn from the local artists.

In July 2017 he decided to create his own musical concept, Goosebumps London, which soon developed to be one of the leader nights in the UK hosting over 80 different events with more than hundred of international and local artists.

He has performed in Israel, France, Spain, Romania, Italy and of course, in UK venues such as Fabric, FOLD, Oval Space, to name a few. 

He is known for captivating the crowd through intelligent grooves and experimenting each time he is on the decks. In the studio he is constantly exploring different musical paths, while building his own signature sound.

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